As is of public knowledge, all Customs Offices in Honduras have been intervened by a Anti-Evasion Force Task that is leaded by the DEI via her Secretary Director, Attorney Miriam Guzmán, and is integrated by members of the Judicial System, the Ministerio Pública/Fiscalia Office, the PGR (Prosecuting General Office), General National Investigation of Criminal Investigation, Special Services forces, and the newly created Military Police. This initiative started yesterday March 3 from the Presidential House in Tegucigalpa and was launched by President Juan Orlando Hernández.

At the moment, we are experiencing exhaustive revisions of the cargo.  The objective of this effort is clearly to increase government tax contributions by decreasing tax evasion and in some cases proceeding criminally against tax evaders.

On the other hand, a few weeks ago we had a change of Port Operator in Cortés from the ENP (government entity) to a private Philippines group called OPC that won the concession of the port management for the years to come.  This change was poorly planned and as a result we are experiencing enormous delays with the dispatch of containers from Cortés, increased port costs, less free time, and increased demurrage fees.  We have all complained on this situation and expect to see some improvements in the coming days.

Between the Customs intervention and the OPC delays in Cortés, we are all being affected with slower lead times on imports clearances, including the cargo we bring for you from the USA.

With the Customs intervention, we will most surely have higher duty related costs since there will be a more detailed scrutiny on all items that come into the country, especially with commercial cargo.  This means we will not be able to sustain the same services prices specifically for commercial cargo.  To avoid last minute adjustments from the DEI and/or surprises for you, we are requesting the following prior to shipping your cargo from the USA.

  1. Detailed descriptions of your cargo, this applies to your household goods as well.
  2. Copy of your commercial invoice.
  3. Base on the above and the volume of your cargo, we will be able to price your commercial cargo shipment.
  4. We will not be responsible for adjustments the DEI may make to your cargo at the time of the Customs Clearance in Honduras, especially when you do not provide us with complete and correct information of your cargo – including your declarations and invoices.

As more changes develop with Customs and OPC, we will update you accordingly.  Once again, we would like to thank you for your preference with Dip Shipping.